Friday, April 15, 2011

Ghosts of Rwanda Notes

General Romeo Dallaire: head of the UN peacekeeping in Rwanda.

800,000 people were killed in Rwanda.

Hutus- ethnic majority- perpetrators
Tutsis- ethnic minority- victims

Paul Kagame- leader of the RPF, Tutsi rebels.

25,000 lightly armed troops to keep the peace (all of them knew little about the Hutu and Tutsi past).

Interrehamway- Hutu army that leads genocide.

January 1994:  Dallaire gets information that genocide is being planned.
Dallaire then informs the UN.

Kofi Annan- the head of UN peace keeping.

Dallaire ordered NOT to use force.

Magadishu, Somalia.- two black hawk planes were shot down, and 18 US marines were killed most of the deaths were a product of torture. 

US does not want to get involved in ethnic conflicts in Africa again.

Carl Wilkens:
   - American missionary, only american to stay in Rwanda during the genocide.

April 6, 1994: The Hutus president's plane was shot down (no one knows who fired the shot)
there was a crisis meeting that night.

Col. Bagasora:
   -lead Hutu extremists genocide.
Mme. Agathe:
   -acting Hutu PM (moderate)

 Hutu extremists kill 10 Belgium pulls support from UN peacekeeping mission.

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